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Linda Hudson Campaign for Mayor in 2012

Monday, July 4, 2011

Linda Hudson For Mayor Announcement

FOR RELEASE, JUNE 29, 2011, 12 Noon:

Linda Hudson, Fort Pierce resident and native, today announced her candidacy for the office of Mayor of Fort Pierce in the November 6, 2012 election.

“Today I am announcing for the office of Mayor of Fort Pierce.

Linda Hudson will provide honest public service, establish financial restraint, emphasize public safety, and encourage business-friendly practices. Linda Hudson will listen to all residents.

Provide open and honest public service

“The citizens of Fort Pierce have the right to expect honest public service from their elected officials. I pledge that my service will be honest, open and prudent. If elected, I will forego salary, benefits, and car allowances.”

“With Linda Hudson as Mayor, practices such as providing jobs for family members and contracts to cronies are no longer acceptable. I will work to eradicate abuses of the privileged few. I want to assure Fort Pierce taxpayers that city hall can, and will, operate in a fair and open manner, where each citizen is treated with respect.”

Establish financial restraint

“The City of Fort Pierce needs a new leader who can make difficult decisions and put the city back on the road to financial health. This will not be done with the current attitude in city hall. We need a Mayor who was not part of the spending spree in the past decade. Under the current Mayor, city debt has risen to $95 million; debt payments are nearly $5 million each year. My candidacy will emphasize how to use our present resources to serve residents, rather than how to dig deeper into residents’ pockets.”

Emphasize public safety

“Public safety is the most essential service of city government. There are many residents like me who want to re-focus local government resources on improving the safety of our neighborhoods and protecting citizens from crime. If public safety isn’t assured, no amount of tax dollars spent buying land, erecting new buildings and creating new parks will create a healthy business climate or provide jobs. Our neighborhoods must be safe. We must maintain a professional and effective police force and foster a strong sense of community in the neighborhoods of Fort Pierce.”

Encourage business-friendly practices

“The City of Fort Pierce should emphasize business-friendly practices in city hall, so that business owners will be encouraged to own a business in Fort Pierce, and provide good jobs for their employees. All local government regulators should increase communications so that establishing, running and maintaining a business, or building a home or business, is straight-forward and hassle-free. We must put service to the citizen taxpayer first, whether it’s an individual or a business.”

Linda Listens

“These are the issues that I see as most important, but I plan to listen to taxpayers’ concerns, especially those voices that are not heard now. There are many hard-working residents in Fort Pierce who do not think that city government works for them. I want the voices of all residents to be heard.

Those who want Linda to listen to their ideas for improving the City of Fort Pierce can email Linda at


Linda Hudson For City of Fort Pierce Mayor

November 6, 2012

Fact Sheet

Member, City of Fort Pierce Citizens’ Budget Advisory Committee, 2010, 2011

CFPPD Citizens Police Academy

Retired Vice President, Illinois State Medical Society

Chairman of the Board, Downtown Farmers’ Market of Fort Pierce,

President, Treasure Coast Genealogical Society,

Member, St. Lucie County Library Advisory Board

Graduate of Dan McCarty High School, Indian River Community College (Indian River State College) and University of Florida.

Born, Fort Pierce, Florida.

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